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Sectional vs. Modular Homes

Which Home Type Best Suits Your Needs?

While both home styles can be similar in appearance, their underlying construction sets them apart.  Review the chart below comparing "Sectional Homes" and "Custom Modular Homes" to decide which type of home best suits your specific needs.



Sectional Home

Modular Home





Built to the Federal Housing Urban Development (HUD) Code, which supercedes local and state codes. Built to the International Residential Construction (IRC) Code, which is the same code as any site built home in the state.

& Designs

Some manufacturers offer hundreds of unique floorplans based on a single-level ranch design.

The basic design can be enhanced with alternative roof pitches, dormers, porches, interior options & upgrades, etc.

Customized floorplans are minimal, if even an option.

Manufacturers offer varying design styles, such as ranch, cape cod, chalet, split-level, log sided, and two story.

Each home style can be enhanced by including custom features and additions.

Modulars are much more acceptable to custom floorplans for both residential and commercial purposes.


Standard exteriors include a 3/12 pitched roof, vinyl siding, shingles, and shutters.

The home sits on a steel frame.

Standard exteriors include a 5/12 pitched roof, vinyl siding, shingles, and shutters.

The home sits on a wooden frame.


Standard interior features include VOG (vinyl over gypsum) wall boards, cathedral ceilings, & window treatments.

Enhancements can include finished drywall, 8 ft. flat ceilings, fireplace, as well as upgraded appliances, cabinets, & fixtures.

Standard interior features include finished drywall, 8 ft. flat ceilings, and wood trim.

Quality appliances, fixtures, cabinets, and window treatments are also commonplace.


The steel frame permits installation on either skirted piers or a block foundation.

This accommodates a variety of installation scenarios from private land to a rented community site.

The wooden frame requires the continuous support only obtainable from a block foundation wall.

Foundations are permanent and limit home installations to privately owned land.

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