Our History

Debby Vargo of Gold Coast Construction Loans retires after 9 years on February 14th.

RHI begins updating marketing campaigns with expansion to radio, tv, and a larger internet presence.

RHI website is redesigned with the help of Indigo Boost and launched on Dec 1st.


RHI purchases a $50,000 translift to help with the delivery crews.

Larry Wolf, long time Manager at the RHI Butler location retires in March after 42 years.

Leslie Wolf, long time employee at the RHI Butler location retires after 21 years.


RHI starts advertising on KDKA radio and is hosted live on the KDKA Pittsburgh Works talk show.

7th Annual Home Builder's Workshop takes place at the Vandergrift location on April 21st.

Greg Palmiscno, long time Manager at New Alexandria, transfers to Vandergrift and becomes the new Service Manager.

Krysta Taylor, 3rd generation, purchased RHI ownership on January 1st.


Doug Rehak, Service Manager and Chairman of the Board, retires on December 31st.

RHI starts advertising on Froggy radio.

6th Annual Home Builder's Workshop takes place at the Vandergrift location on April 22nd.


The website is redesigned and launched on June 19th.

5th Annual Home Builder's Workshop takes place at the Vandergrift location on April 23rd.


The Apollo location is closed on November 30th.

The Prospect Sales Center is renovated.

4th annual Home Builder's Workshop takes place at the Vandergrift location on May 30th.

The Clarion location is closed on May 29th.

RHI starts an Instagram account on March 11th.

The first issue of the Homefront Newsletter is emailed on January 1st.


RHI awarded by MHWC for completing a 2nd 10 full years of membership in the exclusive Extended Warranty program.

RHI takes a single wide home to the Jefferson County Fair.

RHI completes 5 years with non-profit Kiducation.

RHI purchases Infusionsoft, a software that will help the sales team better serve their customers.

3rd annual Home Builder's Workshop takes place at the Vandergrift location.

RHI receives certification of environmental accomplishment by saving 20.3 trees in the Shred-It recycling program.

Champion Homes becomes Atlantic Homes.

Photos of all RHI's display homes are now available on the website for customers to view.


RHI completes 4 years with non-profit Kiducation.

First universally accessible home is built for customer.

Brochure PDFs are available on the website for customers.

Live chat button is introduced on the website.


A new partnership with Champion Homes is announced.

The first ever "RiverBOO" Trick or Treating event for the community is held at 2 RHI locations.

RHI launches its most recent website redesign with a new, clean, and intuitive look.

RHI hosts 1st Annual Home Builder's Workshop.

RHI begins offering free home finance and credit repair seminars for customers to attend.


8 new Facebook pages, one for each sales location, are introduced.

RHI is named a major event sponsor by the American Cancer Society and is presented an award at the Apollo Relay For Life.

FEMA contracts Riverview for 17 single section homes ($650,000 worth of inventory) to help the flood victims after remnants of Tropical Storm Lee devastated the East Coast with massive amounts of flooding.

RHI begins using QR codes.

RHI welcomes the third generation when John Fanelli's eldest daughter, Krysta starts full time in the family business.


RHI is recognized by Hutton-Blews Insurance and Motorists Mutual Insurance for its efforts to create a safe workplace.


RHI joins the membership ranks of the Indiana-Armstrong Builders Association and Washington County Builders Association.

Doug Rehak, RHI's board chairman, is appointed by Governor Ed Rendell to serve on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Uniform Construction Code Review and Advisory Council.

Kiducation, a nonprofit organization that turns donated clothing into funds for local charities, sets up clothing bins at 7 RHI sales locations.

RHI is awarded by MHWC for completing 10 years of membership in the company's exclusive Extended Warranty incentive program.


RHI is accepted into the Westmoreland Professional Builders Association by WPBA President, Patrick J. Dicesere.


All eight Riverview sales centers give up their original names and take the Riverview Homes, Inc. name as their official name.

RHI begins offering a unique land finder program to help prospective homebuyers find property for their new home.

John Fanelli, Vice President, is awarded the annual President's Award from the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association during the state convention in Baltimore, MD.

John Fanelli, Mike Miller, Ron Agona, and Chris McCollum (all Riverview managers) participate in the Manufactured Housing Education Institute's Professional Housing Consultant Program, which provides in-depth knowledge of the manufactured housing industry.


RHI expands the corporate headquarters in Vandergrift by adding more than 2,000 sq. ft. of office space, housing six new offices and a large conference room. The expansion project also included updating computer, telecommunications, and surveillance systems.


Pleasant Valley Modular Homes, Inc. is formed in Pine Grove, PA by Riverview and a handful of successful Northeast USA modular home builders.


RHI buys out two competitors and expands with the addition of the Clarion and Prospect sales centers.


Gold Coast Construction Loans is formed to provide RHI customers with construction loans.


RHI’s first website is created and has had a presence on the world wide web ever since.


By the mid 1990's, Sam and Jack begin to turning over much of the day to day running of the business to their sons.

Robert Fanelli, John Fanelli, and Doug Rehak are appointed to the board of directors of Riverview Homes, Inc. and elected to the official corporate job positions that more accurately represented the jobs they had been doing.


RHI closes Latrobe Mobile Home Mart due to proximity to the larger sales center in Greensburg.

RHI also closes Valley Discount Home Sales due to proximity to the larger sales center in Butler.

Erie Mobile Home Mart is sold off due to being so far away from the other Riverview locations.


Erie Mobile Home Mart and Carmichaels Mobile Home Mart are both opened for business.

Riverview Homes Insurance Agency is formed to provide cost effective insurance protection to our customers.


Butler County Discount Home Sales opens.

Riverview purchases another competitor adding Valley Discount Home Sales located near Sarver, PA.

About this time, the second generation of the families, Robert & John Fanelli and Doug Rehak, begin their full time careers in the family business.

Pine Grove Manufactured Homes, Inc. is opened in Pine Grove, PA with the combined efforts and investments of a few of the most successful manufactured home dealerships in the Northeast USA, Riverview being one of them.


Riverview becomes incorporated and Riverview Homes, Inc. is born.


Latrobe Mobile Home Mart opens along Route 30 about halfway between Greensburg and the Latrobe Airport.

Greensburg Mobile Home Mart moves to its present site on Route 119 due to the mall construction project that was to begin.


Riverview continues to expand and buy out struggling competitors by adding Greensburg Mobile Home Mart, located at the present site of the Westmoreland Mall.

The Butler Mobile Home Mart partnership is dissolved.


Riverview's 3rd location is added when Route 22 Mobile Home Mart opens in New Alexandria, PA.

Riverview partners with a competitor and forms Butler Mobile Home Mart near the Butler Fair Grounds.


Riverview Auto Mart changes its name to Riverview Auto and Mobile Mart.

Riverview purchases a local competitor adding Edgewood Mobile Home Mart in Apollo, PA, as it's 1st sub lot.


Riverview Homes is founded by Sam & Carole Fanelli and John (Jack) & Mary Lou Rehak, when the first manufactured homes arrived on the sales lot. Little by little the car sales dwindle and home sales take their place.


Sam and Jack partner to purchase an existing used car dealership on what is now the Vandergrift sales center, and Riverview Auto Mart is formed with $1,167.82 in assets on the books.


Sam Fanelli and Jack Rehak, two local businessmen, meet while working at the Valley News Dispatch.

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