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A modular home is a structure that is built indoors in a factory-like setting. Once the manufacturing is done, the finished products are transported to a site where they are assembled. These homes are often referred to as factory-built, system-built, or prefabs.

Flexible Design

Contrary to popular misconception, modular homes do not all look alike, as they have no design limitations. You can create any style of modular home you wish.  Furthermore, there are many architects that specialize in modular homes. Alternatively, you can choose to customize your home according to your preferences.

Saves on time

Modular homes are built indoors. As such, they generally take a shorter time to reach completion. This is because unlike traditional houses, modular structures don’t see the typical on-site delays that are more often than not caused by the weather.

Furthermore, modular homes must conform to specific rules, guidelines, and building codes.  When considering a modular home, it is important to shop around, as not all companies that make factory-built homes are alike in terms of quality, price, and service.

Saves on cost

Prefab homes save you quite a bit of money as they are constructed in a factory and take a relatively short time.  Another perk is that all inspections are usually performed at the factory during each phase of construction. This is done by a third-party inspector and completed before the homes are transported to their permanent locations.

On the other hand, the more complex the design and specifications, the more the home will cost. It is also important to note that some features like electrical and plumbing are usually not factored into the initial pricing. As such, the final cost could very well be slightly over the builder’s quote.


High-quality modular structures can last for over 60 years. This, of course, is with proper maintenance. As such, you should ensure the builders contracted or the job are skilled. This also applies to those doing minor repairing work around the house once you have moved in.


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