Privacy Policy

Riverview Homes, Inc. (RHI) offers an array of products and services necessary to complete the Buyer’s Home purchase and believes the Buyer’s privacy should never be compromised. This notice serves as a standard for all RHI employees for the collection, use, retention, and security of nonpublic personal consumer information by RHI, as well as information that is shared by any RHI affiliates. The types of information RHI collects, and shares depend on the product or service that RHI is offering. The information collected can include deeds, driver’s license, property tax information, social security number, property insurance information, building permit information, and details on the sales transaction with RHI. When the Buyer is no longer RHI’s customer, RHI will continue to share the information as described in this notice.  


RHI may share the Buyer’s personal information for everyday business purposes, such as processing the Buyer’s Home purchase transaction, providing the best possible financial loan, or marketing products and services to the Buyer. The Buyer has entered into a sales contract with RHI, with the intent to have RHI deliver the Home to the Buyer’s site. The Buyer authorizes RHI and RHI’s employees to exchange information regarding the Buyer and cooperate with the lender of choice, all code officials, the site contractor of choice, the insurance agent of choice, any real estate companies used, as well as any other professionals that may be needed in the home building process to secure the necessary financing, permits, and site work to complete the purchase. The Buyer does hereby waive the right to any claim or cause of action, of any nature or kind, regarding privacy rights in relating to the exchange of any information that RHI deems necessary or appropriate in providing a Home for the Buyer. The Buyer may not bring any cause of action relating to the dissemination of information by RHI, unless it is shown that RHI was grossly negligent or RHI intentionally disseminated or exchanged information that was not reasonably appropriate for the purpose in which it was disseminated or exchanged.


RHI’s security measures include computer safeguards, secured files, and secured buildings. All RHI employees sign a statement pledging to uphold the responsibilities of securing personal information. RHI restricts access to the Buyer’s personal information to persons who are required to know the information to provide products and/or services. RHI will NOT disclose any nonpublic personal information with nonaffiliated third parties, except as permitted by law and to those third parties necessary to complete the purchase and financing of the manufactured Home.


RHI collects personal information that is provided to RHI by the Buyer, such as information about transactions with RHI, RHI’s affiliates, or others.  


Federal law gives the Buyer the right to limit the information shared with affiliates about the Buyer’s creditworthiness for everyday business purposes or information shared with affiliates and non-affiliates for the purpose of marketing to the Buyer. 


It is not uncommon for the Buyer, the Buyer’s heir, or the Buyer’s Lender to request information in the future concerning a purchase from RHI. RHI will not process any request for information without proper proof of identification and proof of home ownership. No processing over the phone will be allowed to ensure the Buyer’s privacy and to protect the legal position between the Buyer and the Lender.

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