Buying a New vs. Used Mobile Home

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"I thought buying a used mobile home would save me money?"

It's a common perception that buying a used mobile home will save you money. However, the answer is not clear cut.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Mobile Home

The first thing most people consider is the price of the home. Though price does matter, you should consider the total cost of the project. If you are paying cash for a home on a rented lot, the transaction is pretty simple. How much is the home compared with the quality and condition, and how much is the rental. But, those are not the most common situations. What are some factors?

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How much are the transportation costs?

If the used mobile home you are buying must move to a new location, be prepared for a big shock. Not only is finding reliable and qualified contractors to move and re-set the used mobile home difficult, the cost to do so will wipe out much of your initial savings.

Can I get financing?

Most lenders will not finance a used mobile home, and if they do interest rates are considerably higher for used versus new. The other option is a personal unsecured loan, which is usually a higher rate and a much shorter term than financing a new home.

How about the heating and cooling?

Today’s homes are significantly more efficient than homes built ten years ago. Advances in technology have made HVAC systems more efficient, as well as improvements in insulation. These all contribute to a lower yearly cost of owning the home. Let’s not underestimate the sticker shock of replacing your furnace or central air soon after buying a used home.

Do you really want to raise the roof?

When buying a new mobile home, you know what you are getting. One of the most critical areas in any home is the roof. With a new home, whether single wide or double wide, you will know the quality of the roof upfront. If buying used, look for signs of water entry near the ceiling and around any roof vents. These could indicate leaks during weather events or improper ventilation. Replacing a roof is expensive, whether the home is mobile or not.

Building code? Technology?

The HUD code used for building manufactured homes came into existence in the early 1970s. This code is updated in some form or another almost annually. When you factor in code improvements along with advances in building materials and methods, does a used home bring more value?

A turn-key option

Buying a new mobile home gets you better financing, new appliances, and HVAC, a roof where you know the life of the shingles, and no added moving costs. Did we mention you have choices? Choices in floorplan, colors, appliances, cabinets, and more. Your choices! New homes also include a one year warranty.

What's The Best Choice For Me?

That depends. Do you value only the price upfront and gamble on whether you will have issues? Is either a lower monthly cost or slightly higher cost of owning a new home worth it to you? Do you appreciate the value of knowing the history of your mobile home and how it was treated? If you answer yes to any of these questions, why not at least explore the option of buying a new vs. used mobile home. Schedule an appointment to tour our decorated lot models.

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