Pier Installation Explained

All new manufactured homes (single wides and sectionals) installed in Pennsylvania must comply with Act 158 of 2004.


Pier holes are excavated with a power auger so the firm soil surrounding the hole is not disturbed. This important installation provides added support to the pier, which could not be obtained by manual digging methods.


The pier holes are dug 2'x3', which is a depth that exceeds our region's frost table. This prevents shift during the freeze-thaw periods of winter.


The hole locations are placed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications for each model home installed. By placing the piers at specific locations, the stability of the entire home is enhanced to help ensure years of trouble-free living.


Each hole is filled to ground level with the proper cement mixture. Once cured, the cement will provide your home with maximum protection from ground movement. This provides a strong foundation for setting your new manufactured home.


Approved by the manufacturer, the OTI Foundation System will be installed directly to select cement piers when your home is delivered to provide the required wind protection.


Once the pier system has been inspected and approved, your new home is professionally set and anchored to the pier structure as specified by the engineers who designed the home. Pier installations will be done by a Certified PA Installer.


RHI or our subcontractors will also install a plastic vapor barrier and white vinyl skirting, as part of the pier package. Water, sewage, and electric hook-ups from the ground under the perimeter of the home to the home's utility drops, up to a total length of 25 feet are also included in the pier package.


Your new home will also be blocked and leveled.

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