Henry Family Home


Home Delivered:
November 15, 2011

"The ugly was consistently the terrible weather, constant wet grounds and the ever present mud. I had considerable empathy for the guys who set the unit, finalized the piers, and crawled through the rain and mud.

We are most grateful to you, Mike and Terry, as you addressed our issues and concerns. Thus far, we are enjoying the experience of our new home. We have received numerous positive comments regarding it. In retrospect, we have found several items which we now wish we had included. Most significantly skirting around the steps and porch, outside water access, more outside electrical outlets, and shutters on the back of the house. There remains a few minor issues that hopefully we can get finalized. Needless to say though, there were frequent periods of anxiety and frustration overload mostly after setup. The time of year added to the unanticipated stress and anxiety. The overall process though for us was a true learning experience, shared with significant anxiety, frustration, and confusion.

As I prepare this letter, I am reminded of my promise to provide follow up photos of our home that will capture some of our experience. Marge, Mike, and Terry, you each represented Riverview and Pine Grove positively and with sincerity and dedication.

Again, Marge, Mike, & Terry, thank you for your help, patience, support, understanding, candidness, and tolerance for our lack of knowledge and experience."

James Henry