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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to view model homes?

No, but appointments are highly recommended. Please call any of our 5 locations to schedule an appointment.

Do I have to wear a mask when visiting RHI or viewing model homes?

Masks are optional when entering RHI offices or model homes.

What is Riverview Homes' delivery radius?

Our standard pricing includes delivery and set up within 75 miles of either the Vandergrift, PA or New Alexandria, PA Service Crew staging locations. This delivery radius includes the following PA counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Clarion, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer, Somerset, Washington, and Westmoreland. Depending on the location in the Venango, Clearfield or Centre counties, we may also be able to deliver to those areas if within the 75 mile radius. We will consider deliveries in the following West Virginia counties for an additional fee: Brooke, Hancock, Marion, Marshall, Monongalia, Ohio, Preston, Taylor, Wetzel. We do not deliver homes in the states of Maryland, New York, or Ohio.

What is included in Riverview Homes' listed price?

Our prices include the following items: basement or pier prints, site exam, standard delivery & set, transportation permits, tie downs, interior finish work, exterior finish work, 1 year warranty, sales tax, application for title (HUD homes only), and piers/utility hook ups/skirting/vapor barrier (pier sets only). This is a generalized list of what is included in the price of our homes. For more specific information on each item, please ask an RHI home consultant.

What is not included in Riverview Homes' listed price?

The following items are not included in the pricing: local permits (such as building permit), site work, gas hook ups, air conditioning, gutters & downspouts, furniture, decor, paint, basement, crawlspace, decks, porches, utility hook ups for homes placed on a foundation, and pier set block. This is a generalized list of what is not included in the price of our homes. For more specific information on each item, please ask an RHI home consultant.

What is a manufactured home?

All manufactured homes are built to the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code). This code is written and enforced by HUD (Housing and Urban Development). HUD inspectors are responsible for approving all home designs and to inspect the manufacturing facilities for building code compliance. Manufactured homes are built in the controlled environment of a manufacturing facility and are transported in one or more sections on a permanent chassis.

What is a modular home?

Modular homes, like manufactured homes, are built in sections at a factory. Modular homes are built to conform to a state building code. That is why they are called a State Coded Modular. Unlike manufactured homes that are built on a frame, sections of the modular home are built and transported to the building site on removable carriers.

Are manufactured homes safe?

YES. Manufactured homes are safe. For example, the HUD building code requires that smoke detectors, escape windows, and non-combustible materials surround the furnace and kitchen range. HUD also has strict requirements concerning how much wind a manufactured home can withstand. At a minimum, homes must be built to withstand 80 mph winds. In coastal areas, a manufactured home must withstand 110 mph winds.

Does Riverview Homes offer gable entry homes?

YES. We offer gable entry homes in both modular and sectional homes. Gable entry homes have the front door on the width of the home rather than the length of the home. Most gable entries come with a covered front porch as well. Gable entry homes are ideal for narrow land sites and provide the availability of unique exterior designs.

Does Riverview Homes offer handicap accessible homes?

YES. We can add special options to any ordered home to make it handicap accessible. Some of these options include wider doors, higher toilets, grab bars in bathrooms, and lower countertops. Be sure to mention the need for handicap accessibility when talking with a home consultant.

Can Riverview Homes help me find property for my new home?

YES. Riverview Homes has a land finder program in place for customers. We work with licensed realtors that can help you find property. You are required to sign a land finder agreement and give a deposit before we will begin to help you find property. The deposit is refundable if we cannot find what you are looking for.

Does Riverview Homes' have a service department?

Riverview Homes' factory authorized service department is larger than most of our competitors combined. We have factory authorized set-up crews, drivers, and service repair people to handle all of your service needs. At Riverview Homes, we are very proud of our successful service department.

Do Riverview homes come with a warranty?

Every new home comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. If anything goes wrong in the first year, let your sales consultant know, and we will send someone from service to fix it. Most appliances, furnace, etc. have their own warranty programs.

Will my home meet installation code?

Riverview Homes understands the importance of proper installation. Each RHI installation foreman is a state certified manufactured home installer. Additionally, each RHI set is inspected by a 3rd party certified manufactured home installer to make sure your new home meets all the requirements of the State of PA and the manufacturer.

What are cement piers?

Piers are specified number of holes excavated with a power auger and filled with cement where you want to place your home. Once the cement is cured, a foundation system will be installed directly to some piers to provide the required wind protection. Once the pier system has been inspected and approved, your new home is professionally set and anchored to the piers. Pier packages are only available for single wide and sectional homes. Modular homes cannot be set on cement piers.

Can manufactured or modular homes be set on a cement slab?

NO. The installation laws do not allow for manufactured or modular homes to be set on a cement slab. Manufactured homes can be set on piers, crawlspace, or basement. Modular homes can be set on a crawlspace or basement.

Does Riverview Homes use subcontractors or is the work performed by paid employees?

Most jobs are done by our factory trained and certified crews, but RHI does use subcontractors for some jobs. RHI will use trained experts for jobs like drywall finishing, pier installation, utility hook-ups, and skirting installation, but 90% of all Riverview Homes contracted work done on your home will be done by a RHI employee. Additionally, all work is 3rd party inspected to make sure your new home is properly and professionally installed.

How do I start the process of buying a home from Riverview?

Once you have chosen a home, we require a deposit to get the process started. With the deposit, we will send our driver to your property to do a site inspection, get the foundation or pier prints for your specific home, and get you in touch with our finance department.

Do manufactured or modular homes come in different floor plans?

YES. There are virtually hundreds of different sizes and floor plans available to the home buyer. Each manufacturer has its own floor plan list, offering a huge variety of home types to fit your lifestyle.

Can we order a manufactured or modular home with the options we want?

YES. All homes on display can be ordered from the factory. Each factory has many options and upgrades to choose from as well. These items can be added, as the factory allows, into any home they build. Along with adding options, the colors of the carpet, linoleum, countertops, cabinets, shingles, shutters, and exterior can also be changed when ordering a home.

Can I finance my new home even if it is not on a permanent foundaton (basement/crawl space)?

YES. Single wide and sectional homes that are placed on piers or on a permanent foundation, such as a basement or crawlspace, can be financed. This allows the buyer to place their new home on rental land, in parks, on leased property, or on family land.

How long will my home loan approval take?

This varies and will need to be discussed with your lender.

What will my closing costs be on my home loan?

Closing costs vary depending on the buyer's credit score and the rate you are able to obtain. Also, different loan types have different closing costs. Ask your lender for an upfront general summation of the fees and commissions that will be required of you at closing.

Is homeowners insurance required and how much?

YES. Homeowners insurance is required. While the home is attached to an RHI truck, it is covered under RHI's insurance. Once the home is set on the buyer's property, it needs to be covered under the buyer's homeowners insurance. If the buyer is financing the home, the buyer must provide proof of one year full coverage at the time of closing your loan.

Will I need to have a survey done?

It is recommended that customers get a current survey to show boundary lines, setbacks, etc. The survey will also show the proposed placement of the new home.

What is a subdivision and do I need to subdivide?

A subdivision is a tract of land divided by the owner into blocks or building lots. Many times a subdivision is needed if you would like to place your new home on property where there is a pre-existing home. The property would need to be sub-divided so that each structure was on it's own piece of land.

Will my manufactured home depreciate?

With all the improvements that have taken place in the manufactured home industry, the simple truth to this question is that the value of a manufactured home will appreciate or depreciate with all the other surrounding housing in your local area. Economic conditions and the overall condition of the home have more to do with the value of the property than if the home is site built or factory built.

How long has Riverview Homes been in business?

Riverview Homes was founded in 1970 by Jack Rehak and Sam Fanelli. The company is still being run by the Fanelli families today.
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