Modular Vs. Site Built Homes

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Modular Homes

Site Built Homes

Building Codes

Modular homes are built to the International Residential Construction (IRC) Code.

Site built homes are built to the International Residential Construction (IRC) Code.

Floor Plans & Designs

Manufacturers offer varying design styles, such as ranch, cape cod, chalet, log sided, and two story homes. Each home style can be enhanced by including custom features and additions. Modular builders are also very receptive to custom floor plans.

Most custom builders can provide sample plans they've built, offer design services, or direct you to plans. You can also hire an architect to design your home according to your preference. In either case, full customization is standard.


Any modular home can look exactly like a site built home. Once finished, you cannot tell the difference between a modular and site built home. There are a variety of options available to fit each buyers preferences. Choose windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, fixtures, countertops, roof pitch, etc.

Site built homes can be customized to accommodate each buyers preferences and architectural style.


Modular homes, on average, cost anywhere from $90-$120 per square foot. Modular home builders take advantage of purchasing materials in bulk, paying less for the same product and passing savings onto the buyer. Modular homes are also designed with additional insulation and other energy saving methods to reduce your maintenance costs once the home is complete.

Site built homes, on average, cost about $150 per square foot. On-site builders purchase materials as needed from local building supply stores. Often times the building material costs will increase due to the long process, which in turn will increase the cost for the buyer.


Modular homes can be financed with an FHA Loan, VA Loan, or Conventional Loan. For additional information on financing, talk to a local bank.

Site built homes can be financed with a VA Loan, or Conventional Loan. For additional information on financing, talk to a local bank.

Time Frame

The average time frame for a modular homes is 6 months, depending on the circumstances. The time frame would include obtaining financing, permits, factory production time, on-site preparations, delivery, and set up. Foundation construction and home construction can happen at the same time, which saves time. Also, weather does not affect the building time of the home, but can affect when the home will be set on your foundation.

The average time frame for a site built home is 9.5 months, sometimes taking longer. Many times the build process is delayed due to weather or sub contractors not showing up on time.

Building Process

Modular homes are built in a climate controlled factory using high quality materials and precise building techniques that are capable inside a factory. All floors, walls, and roofs are built square, which can only be done in a factory setting. Additionally, each module must be strong enough to be transported to a home site and lifted by a crane onto the foundation.

Site built homes are built from scratch, with materials and finished work exposed to weather throughout the process.

Resell Value

Modular home value adjusts with the market, and will appreciate over time. These homes can be improved or expanded on-site to accommodate owners preferences and increase value.

Traditionally, site built homes retained their value better than modular homes, but that is no longer the case since modulars are well built, with high standards.

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