Kaprive Family Home


Home Delivered:
September 26, 2017

"My wife Paulette and I finally made a decision in early 2017 to purchase our home from Riverview Homes in Carmichaels, Pa. We looked at existing homes for nearly 2 years, visited many manufactured home dealers in the area and spoke to many sales representatives.

On probably our third visit to Riverview, we had the opportunity to work with Amber Harbarger. We worked together for months. She assisted us with contacts, permits, contractors, etc. We had a substantial amount of work to do prior to a home being delivered. Many times I wondered if this would ever happen. One home had to be demolished, backfilled, a new septic system installed, our current single wide had to stay in place with full utilities until the new home was delivered and set-up while maintaining full utilities in that one. She stayed with us to the end, always telling me everything would work out, always ending her e-mails with a smiley face or a ‘lol’.

Well, she was right, it all worked out very well. Everything came together without issue. She played a major role in helping my wife select most of the interior, from flooring to wall coverings, cabinets, counter tops, etc. I was allowed to pick the source of heat, Amber and my wife did the rest. We owe so much to her. When I make a recommendation to potential buyers, I don’t simply say “go to Riverview”, I say “see Amber at Riverview”.

I have to mention as well, Rick and the set-up crew, outstanding from start to finish. Everything went extremely well, no surprises or issues. I had my share of concerns getting the home in without disturbing existing utilities, which they did need to cross to set the home. Home arrived early morning, set and finished mid-day the day after. We made the move into the new home in December. Naturally, we had some minor adjustments, nothing major, and they were addressed within a day or so. Service was outstanding.

We strongly recommend Riverview and all of their recommendations. Job well done!!!

Bob & Paulette Kaprive