Peak Family Home


Home Delivered:
May 01, 2013

"We would recommend Riverview Homes and especially Kurt Amendola when buying a modular home. Our home buying experience was a very long and tedious process. Four years later, we are finally in our home. From the first time we visited Kurt, he was never pushy and was there to offer help when we needed it. The first time that we visited the lot and met Kurt, we were just looking at our options, and did not speak to Kurt in depth. We left and over a year later decided that we would visit Kurt again, thinking we were ready to start the purchase of our home. To our surprise, Kurt remembered us. We started the process of buying our home and then needed to back out of the deal due to complications with our property. Even when we had to back out of the deal we started, Kurt understood and offered his help in the future if need be, knowing that it was a very real possibility that we would not be able to purchase a home from him in the future. We got all of the issues sorted out with our property and went back to see Kurt (again). We ended up buying our home from Kurt with no hassle and no problems. He directed us when needed. Even when it wasn’t his job to help us out, he steered us in the right direction if he was able to do so. After our dealings with Kurt were over, he continued to check in on us and made sure that everything was moving along with our home delivery and setup. Donnie and his delivery and setup crew were also very prompt and helpful. Any questions that I had (and I had a lot) were answered in a professional and intelligent manner. There are always going to be problems when you are moving a home that was already built down the road and putting it back together, and all of our problems were resolved in a timely manner. Most of the time a person would show up the day after I called about the problem. We want to thank Kurt, Donnie, and everyone else at Riverview for making that particular part of our home buying/building process as easy as it could have been."

Justin & Kristine Peak