CDL Driver

Locations Currently Hiring

New Alexandria, PA

Vandergrift, PA

Job Description

Riverview Homes has 2 service departments based out of Vandergrift and New Alexandria. These departments are equipped with roll-on systems, tools, and trucks to operate independently on most required jobs. The crews are manned and structured to handle sales and service calls from the 5 sales locations. A typical crew would be responsible for delivering, installing, and servicing any new homes that their associated sales centers generate. As a CDL driver, not only will you be responsible for delivering the home, you will also perform construction activities on each job site. First and foremost, you are a member of the service department. Additionally, you will have some administrative duties, including logging fuel purchases. You will be expected to coordinate with the local sales staff to determine upcoming deliveries. You will be directly in charge of the performance, appearance, and efficiency of your deliveries and the crew that assists you with that delivery. While the truck is hooked to the home, the driver is responsible for the safety of the house and the crew. You will be required to work with other Service Foremen from Riverview to move equipment and men to various job sites to make sure the delivery schedule is as efficient as possible.

Job Responsibilities

Be on time.

Work a complete schedule.

Drive a company vehicle safely.

Meet with customers and contractors to make sure site work is done properly.

Deliver and set homes with the help of your set crew.

Take on administrative tasks.

Manage your service and set crew.

Be responsible for the safety of the homes and set crew.

Perform manual labor such as carrying cement blocks, cribbing, and installing the roll-on system.

Other tasks may include climbing up and down ladders, walking on scaffolding, installing siding and shingles, working on high pitch roofs with fall protection, carpet seaming, trim work, electrical, and plumbing.

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Position Type
Education Level Required
High School Diploma or Equivalent

Job Requirements

Valid commercial driver's license

1+ years of construction experience

Clean driving record

Pass a drug test


Service Foremen set the starting and ending time each day. Start and end times will be solely based on the job requirements for that particular day.


CDL drivers are paid based on an hourly rate. All hours worked over 40 per week will be paid at a 1.5 hourly rate. Raises are not guaranteed, but with improved performance and additional responsibilities, consideration will be given.


6 paid holidays a year

1 week paid vacation after one year of employment

2 weeks paid vacation after two years of employment

401k with employer match (available after one year)

Health insurance for employees with a 30% coinsurance premium (available after 90 days of employment). Family coverage is available for an extra charge if requested. If health insurance is not needed, a buyout program is available.

Other benefits include a $15,000 life insurance policy on employees and short-term disability insurance that pays $200 a week. Both of these are available at an extra charge to the employee after 90 days of employment.